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AR Commerce Platform

AR-Commerce platform features

Advanced AR visualization and special tools

  1. Visualize various products anywhere using Augmented Reality in actual size and at natural scale
  2. Use multiple immersive and interactive AR features and tools, unique to different product categories - Discover how products work and view their features through additional AR tools to make the experience more immersive – show interactive hotspots with information for the products, launch how-to sequences, AR sales avatar guide, etc.

Supported platforms

  1. Dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android
  2. Integrate with your existing website through WebAR
  3. View in Facebook Camera, Messenger and Instagram through Spark AR

AR analytics

  1. Track user product engagement during the AR experience
  2. Gain valuable spatial analytics from user-product interaction
  3. Understand which aspects of your products need improvement
  4. Understand which products work better in which kind of environments
  5. Analyze user product behavioral patterns

Integration with eCommerce systems

  1. Visualize various products anywhere using Augmented Reality in actual size and at natural scale
  2. Content management system for products

Connected to the AR cloud

  1. Product 3D assets stored remotely
  2. AR commerce cloud marketplace
  3. Bridging eCommerce owners with high quality AR 3D art
  4. Quality control for the AR 3D content distribution network

Share AR content over social media

  1. Use social sharing options to gather feedback from friends on your planned purchase
  2. A new type of Sales and marketing tool for businesses

Product configurations module

  1. Innovative, fully interactive product configuration module for 3D and AR. Add colors, materials, parts, add text, images, etc.
  2. Gamification of the user experience
  3. Bringing the goods closer to the buyer
  4. Empowering customer creativity - stand out from the crowd with unique products

How Augmented Reality commerce can benefit your business

Every clients’ experience is personalized Immersive and highly interactive
Adds value to business offerings though interactive AR
Engagement is trackable virtually
Take the guesswork out of shopping – preview the product in your desired environment
A content-investment that scales – can handle an almost unlimited number of products and product permutations
It just works! Marker-less AR technology is accessible to most of the mobile devices available in the market today
Operational efficiency – Ability to engage customers at anytime, from anywhere

You should invest in Augmented and Virtual reality solutions!

Technology and industries are changing and evolving constantly. eCommerce is rapidly transforming. Content is moving fast from 2d to 3d to AR. Your business needs to adapt and adjust to new user requirements.

Augmented and Virtual reality and our AR Commerce platform can greatly help you in this journey.

3D content is key to a successful implementation of any Augmented and Virtual reality strategy in your enterprise.

We are a dedicated team of professionals building end-to-end AR Commerce solutions for many years and in multiple business verticals.

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