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at CES

    BikeConfig featured at CES by Intel. Home AR designer in partnership with Lowe's demonstrated at the Google/Lenovo event.

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    We specialize in software development for PC/MAC, web, iOS, Android, Google Project Tango and others. We provide turnkey solutions for all platforms - from software architecture planning and development to UX/UI design. Unity 3D is our main speciality.

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Home AR designer

    Augmented reality home design and improvement application powered by the revolutionary Google Project Tango! No more markers, no more area limits. Only your imagination!

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Digital museums

    We are pioneers in 3D virtual museums and historical reconstructions. Making a new form of entertainment and promotion for our clients!

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3D product configurator eCommerce

    Turnkey eCommerce solutions for our clients. 3D product configurators with CRM, Warehouse, Shopping cart, Payments and Reporting.

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at CES 2016
Featured partner with Intel and Google/Lenovo
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Complex eCommerce systems and interactive apps
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Augmented reality market network
for home design and improvement
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Digital museums &
Historical scenes
New form of historical heritage preservation
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3D product
Boost your revenue with our sales tools

Unity 3D software development
Virtual and Augmented reality apps

Professional non-game Unity 3D developers. Apple ARKit and Android ARCore development

  • Augmented Reality – ARKit and ARCore

    Augmented reality is the next level of immersion for businesses and consumers. Create new experiences and fascinating projects with Apple ARKit and Android ARCore.

  • Product configurator

    Innovative interactive eCommerce 3D tool! Stand out from the crowd. Empowering customer creativity and bringing the goods closer to the buyer.

  • Software

    Full cycle of software development! Web and mobile applications, services, products, user interface and user experience design. IT project management.

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  • android
  • google project tango
  • unity3d
  • html5
  • flash
  • postgresql
  • css3
  • mysql
  • oracle
  • php
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  • banshee bikes
  • badminton world federation
  • raiffeisen bank
  • microsoft
  • bike 3d configurator
  • nartin marino handbags
  • benchpro inc
  • dma united
  • panorama hd
  • meta pro spaceglasses
  • isida sport
  • beltdrive
  • ownphones
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  • wemble
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